Tattoo Shops Melbourne is Melbourne’s biggest tattoo directory. We have a total of 12 professional tattoo artists as part of our community, to handle all your tattoo needs. They will ensure you don’t end up with an awful tattoo for the rest of your life.

Below are the most frequently asked questions by our customers. We have provided the most relevant and precise answers which we hope will be of helpful to you.

Q. Is it a must I book an appointment?

A. Most certainly yes, although there are moments during the day when our artists may not be engaged. You will need to get in touch with us to know their availability.

Q. Does it feel painful to get a tattoo?

A. It does largely depend on the extent you can go to tolerate the pain and the part of your body you want to have tattooed. Some parts of the body contain lots of receptors. This means you will have to endure a little more pain. Be assured that the pain is bearable. It sounds a bit scary than what the actual feeling is. You don’t have to worry because we have numbing sprays and creams available for use if need be.

Q. Does Tattoo Shops Melbourne meet all the safety and hygiene standards?

A. Yes, we are approved by the health department as we have met all the safety and hygiene standards. Our operational procedures use the best equipment. We do have also, a very strict sterilization procedure which ensures quality services.

Q. Can you help me create my own design?

A. Absolutely, the only requirement is a drawing fee of $50 besides the price of your tattoo. This enables our artists to design your idea quickly according to your specifications. We encourage you to share your idea through our quick quote page and we will work on it to ensure we meet your level of satisfaction..

Q. What number of sessions will I be required to take?

A. There is no specific number of sessions required since it depends on certain factors such as size and thickness of the tattoo, type and depth of ink used. Other determining factors for the sessions include the skin type, Scarring and client objective which may be to have a complete removal or lightening’ before a tattoo cover-up.

However, most professional tattoos will take a minimum of Six to twelve treatments. The follow-up treatments range from 4 – 6 weeks interval. After each treatment, a further fading may be experienced after some months.

We are all different and unique in our own ways hence our results will tend to differ.

Q. Why wait for that six weeks long?

This is the ideal length of time the skin needs to heal and it is important to wait as such. Additionally, the Laser smashes up the ink particles into the skin. It will require six weeks for the lymphatic system to process and clear the ink particles out of the body.

Trying to laser the tattooed area within the six weeks is a waste of resources, money and time. It won’t fade away any quicker. Note that as the tattoo gets lighter, it may take longer before the treatment can be done because of less pigment in the skin for picking up. It often takes up to two years while the tattoo continues to fade.

Q. Will it reach a time the tattoo disappears completely?

A. There are chances of up to 99% tattoo clearance. Averagely, a 95% fading can be taken as a good result. The clearance will depend on the ink type and colour used and also the depth of its penetration into the skin. You can discuss with your therapist on the likeness of success at the beginning of your consultation.

Q. Does it hurt to have a tattoo removed?

A. It cannot be described as the best feeling, nevertheless, it is bearable. Most people have equated it to being tattooed or getting flickered with a rubber band. The good news is that the flicker feeling goes away within seconds.

The laser tattoo removal, luckily, is fast and takes just a few seconds to minutes saving you the agony of lengthy pain.

Q. If I want my tattoo removed, how soon can that be?

A. A tattoo can be removed any time after it has healed. Sometimes it may seem to have healed after only a week, but then it is recommended to wait for a minimum period of 3 months before you can think of removing the tattoo.

Q. Can the same skin (a tattoo was removed from) be re-tattooed?

A. Yes, tattoo fading offers room for a tattoo replacement, amendment, improvement or design change. We advise our clients to wait for a minimum of 6 weeks for complete recovery before they can re-tattoo.