The great debate

The Great Debate – Tatt up or Suit up?

Date: 25/11/14
On the 12th of November Channel Ten’s The Project aired a very topical story about tatts in the workplace. 28 year old Kasey Davis was discriminated against by a potential employer due to her excessive body art.

‘Hi Kasey I think you would be great for the job, but your tattoos are a deal-breaker’ was the response she received from the recruitment agency.
Kasey was left feeling belittled and unwanted.
The story highlights an important taboo subject in our society. An employer would never blatantly admit to not hiring someone based on their gender, race or religion, so why is it okay for them to cast judgement and discriminate against someone with tattoos?
While employers shouldn’t be acting this way, the reality is that some jobs require a certain physical attribute to accompany the job role. Those that love body art need to be prepared to face the fact that despite having the correct qualifications and perfect personality, they could potentially be subject to discrimination due to their ink.
Have you ever been treated unfairly in the workplace because of your tattoos? Let us know and we’ll tell your story.

For more information on discriminatory behaviour in the workplace contact the Fair Work Ombudsmen.